Project Management Office
Texas A&M University

Vision, Mission and Goals


Our vision is to provide on-demand expertise to our customers, in the form of best practices, methodology, tools, documentation, and project management services.


The Mission of the Project Management Office is to provide proactive customer-oriented project management tools and services, to enrich the overall knowledge of project management practices, and to centralize, document, and coordinate efforts regarding the management of projects.


  1. Provide guidance and services for managing projects
  2. Seek continuous process improvement by increasing awareness through education and training
  3. Build a project management community to promote networking, shared learning, and collaboration
  4. Enhance opportunities for shared services

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Cookies 'n Conversation August 14, 2014
Cookies 'n Conversation August 14, 2014
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Cookies 'n Conversation July 7, 2014
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